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NHS Referral Management

We’ve often found that people give us similar feedback about Kinesis A&G once they start using it… “why didn’t we start last year?!”.

What may be useful for you are the facts below that may surprise you.

1. Up to 65% of referrals by GPs to outpatient clinics are returned with no significant pathology found.

In April 2009, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement report, ‘Delivering Quality and Value’, evidenced that up to 65% of patients attending outpatient specialty clinics were discharged with no significant pathology being found.

Inappropriate out-patient referrals lead to patients waiting anxiously in cases where there is no significant pathology, as well as extending waiting times for patients who urgently and more appropriately need access to specialist treatment.

Improvements can, no doubt, be made to the process of referring to out-patient clinics in order to improve the patient experience, increase efficiency and to save time and money.  Many of these unnecessary referrals could be avoided where GPs have ready access to prompt, expert clinical advice.

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Delivering Quality and Value – Focus on: Productivity and Efficiency. April 2009

2. Use of effective advice and guidance more than halves the rate of inappropriate referrals.

3. GPs and specialists enjoy using a system that allows them to interact effectively and efficiently with the colleagues across the primary and secondary care divide.

4. Use of Kinesis A&G has avoided over 13,000 patients going to hospital.

Simon Hudson

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