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I would highly recommend Kinesis A&G to other healthcare teams working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service
Dr Alex Bunn, Clinical Lead for Oxleas NHS Foundation at HMP Wandsworth

Inmates treated quicker without hospital appointments

Data spanning many years shows 63% of cases referred to outpatients can be treated locally in prisons. Kinesis A&G helps clinicians deliver the extremely difficult task of providing timely healthcare in prisons. Inmates are among the hardest groups of people to treat due to complex and diverse health needs, their environment and having to escort them for outpatient appointments. Kinesis A&G increases the number of cases that can be treated by prison-based clinical teams, providing faster diagnosis.

10 benefits to prisons

Eases pressure on the NHS by freeing up waiting lists
Consultants see a higher proportion of important cases needing their expertise through improved standard of referrals
Provides invaluable continuous professional development for healthcare staff
Reduces waiting lists
NHS Consultants provide specialist advice in 48 hours
Information from consultant can be viewed on any device, anywhere
Quicker treatment avoids illness deteriorating
Inmates receive better care with less outpatient treatment needed
Saves the NHS money: Quicker diagnosis, fewer outpatient referrals and shorter treatment times
Likelihood of inmates attending outpatient appointments is clearer

Case Study: HMP Wandsworth

HMP Wandsworth – one of the biggest in Europe with over 1,500 inmates – was the UK’s first prison to use Kinesis A&G.
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, which delivers healthcare services to the prison, uses it to reduce waiting times by keeping inmates out of hospital.
The Trust aims to transform the provision of care in HMP Wandsworth, allowing inmates to be given more rapid access overseen by the local clinical team.
The importance of this approach increased with Covid-19 to minimise the risk of infection and to protect NHS staff and resources.
As such, providing faster diagnosis and easing pressure and disruption on hospitals and prisons is paramount.
Kinesis A&G lets GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals working within HMP Wandsworth request information directly from NHS consultants.
Expert clinical advice is received within 48 hours compared to hospital waiting times that were 18 weeks pre-coronavirus but are now year-long in some areas.
In most cases treatment is delivered by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust’s prison-based clinical team giving prisoners fair access to care for their often-challenging conditions.
It also helps avoid illnesses deteriorating or more clinically complex consequences – further reducing the burden on the NHS and prison service.

3 November 2020.
Kinesis at HMP Wandsworth, London.
Dr Alex Bunn, clinical lead at the prison (brown suit), withe Ben Harrison (check shirt) and Simon Hudson (grey suit), from Kinesis.
"“Kinesis A&G is extremely user friendly, clinically relevant, brings huge benefits to the prison population, has potential to reduce waiting lists and provides invaluable continuous professional development.

“As a service, healthcare teams need to innovate and make better use of technology to cope with the diverse and complex medical cases prison clinicians face daily.

“I would highly recommend this service to other healthcare teams working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service.”

Clinical Lead for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust at HMP Wandsworth, Dr Alex Bunn

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