An NHS advice and guidance case study

An NHS advice and guidance case study

NHS Advice and Guidance is critical. This is a case study looking at how Wandsowrth CCG used Kinesis A&G to transform how they worked.

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group is located in South West London. The CCG consists of 43 GP practices with over 368,000 registered patients. The CCG is responsible for commissioning healthcare services for Wandsworth with a budget of approximately £400m.

In October 2010, the Wandsworth Referral Management GP working group was established to examine how effective referral management could help to improve care, streamline patient pathways and reduce inappropriate referrals. Wandsworth GPs made thousands of referrals to outpatient clinics every year, with significant financial implications. There was also substantial variation in the quality and rate of referral between GPs and GP practices.

The group’s remit was to review national referral schemes, assess feedback from stakeholder groups, develop a proposal for Wandsworth CCG, and to provide clinical input to the referral management process.

Around the same time, many London boroughs were implementing referral management centres. Wandsworth GPs agreed that a new approach to referrals was needed, but decided to explore the development of a programme of education and peer review, rather than a centre, which would enable GPs and patients to maintain control of their referral decisions.

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