5 common reasons for not using Kinesis for Referral Management

NHS Advice and Guidance

There can be a lot of questions when starting to look at NHS Advice and Guidance. We’ve heard them all over the past few months and thought we would share some of the most common!

Please have a read…

1. We have to use eRS dont’ we?

You do have to use eRS, however you don’t have to use the Advice and Guidance component. The purpose of Kinesis A&G is to avoid a referral and not make a referral.

2. Our clinical staff haven’t got the time to use a system like this.

Using Kinesis A&G saves them a lot of time… Super-quick to use. Receive answers the next day normally and avoids them going through the referral process and avoids them having to deal with the patient returning without receiving any benefit from the visit.

3. It costs too much.

Kinesis A&G does cost money to run, as it is the most advanced solution available.

However, the cost savings are substantial. Wandsworth CCG saved £239K in year one (and saved more than this in subsequent years) through avoiding referral fees and this was calculated after the cost of running Kinesis A&G.

4. It’s going to be a nightmare to setup and we need special hardware.

No, the application runs in a browser and so there is nothing to install on anyone’s machine. Plus we help you with setting up users and Kinesis A&G leads and the processes that you need to make Advice and Guidance a success.

There is no need for IT involvement as it runs in our secure cloud.

5. Doesn’t information governance prevent us from using cloud-services like this because of patient-sensitive data.

The answer is no. The applications is running in a fully secure environment which has been reviewed multiple times and is accepted by NHS orgaanisations who have been using it since 2012.

6. Can’t we do this using email and phonecalls?

You could, however, Kinesis A&G offers:

  • a list of all available consultants and specialities at your fingertips
  • rapid response, typically one to two days
  • over 80% responded in two days
  • full reporting
  • governance
  • support
  • sustainable and managed approach
  • software explicitly designed to fit with the clinical process

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would welcome the¬†opportunity to speak with you. Please book a demo now by clicking here.

Simon Hudson

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