Advice and Guidance for a modern NHS

Giving GPs quick, direct access to consultants to reduce hospital referrals and the strain on the NHS

Kinesis imagine a world where every person gets the best health outcomes they can, with healthcare built around them, delivered effectively in the right setting

Our mission? To see the use of effective Advice & Guidance is in use by all clinical professionals in all healthcare settings


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Why Kinesis A&G?

Connecting GPs with local specialists to reduce and avoid unnecessary referrals.

Referral avoidance NHS Advice and guidance


Faster access to appropriate care for individual patients

  • 85% of requests for advice (a conferral) are answered within 48 hours
  • GP can make an informed, rapid clinical decision about appropriate care
  • >65% of conferrals avoid an outpatient clinic
  • Opportunity to continue dialogue with the specialist

Reduces unnecessary load on critical NHS services

Evidence suggests that up to 65% of patients attending outpatient specialty clinics are discharged with ‘no significant pathology being detected’. Effective Advice and Guidance:

  • Reduces outpatient demand
  • Allows better access for patients with greater need
  • Allows specialist to use their expertise effectively
  • Ultimately reduces appointment wait time
  • Reduces A&E attendance
  • Reassures patients of appropriate care on advice of specialist
  • Greatly reduces risk of clinical deterioration while awaiting appointment
Referral avoidance NHS Advice and guidance

Designed for rapid adoption

Kinesis A&G is designed for the realities of the NHS:

  • Full implementation support, documentation and onboarding
  • Management reporting
  • Technical and adoption support
  • Incredibly low time to value – immediate benefits and further ramp up over time
  • Ensures you achieve primary care objectives and secondary care CQUIN targets.
  • Liked and easily Adopted by end users
  • Includes tariff payment support, response escalation, non-working days and many other critical features for real world use
Referral avoidance NHS Advice and guidance

How can Kinesis make a difference?

Kinesis has numerous benefits for our clinical users, the NHS but most importantly, the patient.

Patient benefits:
  • Provides patients with quicker access to consultant advice than a face-to-face appointment may allow
  • Patients receive faster treatment outcomes in a local setting
  • Patients are able to make more informed decision on specialist care with their GP
  • Reduces the risk of re-directed hospital referral and unnecessary hospital appointments
  • Less travelling to and from appointments
General Practitioners:
  • GPs find Kinesis saves them time writing out lengthy unneeded referral letters
  • Quick, reliable responses to clinical questions mean GPs save time trying to call through to secondary care and/or ‘bleep’ someone.
  • Supports primary care in making complex clinical decisions
  • Improves GP knowledge when managing different conditions
  • The system allows a secure and auditable way of conversing with secondary care
  • Kinesis can be accessed from anywhere on any device
  • Maintains patient management in the community with support from secondary care
  • Reduces the risk of redirection or rejection of a referral and will better ensure that the correct services are offered to a patient at the point of referral.
Consultants and Secondary Care:
  • Prevents unnecessary referrals and frees up more consultant time to see the patients who need to be seen at the right stage of their clinical progression.
  • Kinesis allows consultants to get treatment started prior to referral and request further investigations prior to a referral
  • Kinesis reduces outpatient waiting times by treating patients away from secondary care, allowing providers to treat more patients in the 18 RTT
  • Ensures clinic capacity is directed to patients who need to be seen by a specialist, meaning more cost-effective use of clinical time and expertise
  • Advice & Guidance requests can be accessed and responded to on any device at any time
  • Patients who are referred following Advice & Guidance will be further along their care pathway and may require fewer follow up appointments in secondary care.
  • Kinesis patient audit trials are available when reviewing a patient’s case

Referral avoidance NHS Advice and guidance

Technology and Security

Patient data and the conversations between clinicians is sensitive and of utmost importance. That’s why we use full encryption within the application and whenever information is transmitted; why we’ve chosen Microsoft Azure as our UK datacentre partner (they spend over $1 billion a year on security), why we adopt NHS Information Governance rules and why conferrals using Kinesis A&G remain private only the NHS staff involved.

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Referral avoidance NHS Advice and guidance
Advice and guidance for the NHS CQUIN

Why is it so relevant now?

Pressures on the NHS are widely publicised. When you look closer, much of that pressure could be alleviated if we could remove some of the inefficiencies that are a legacy of the 20th century. The data clearly shows that two-thirds of patients attending outpatient clinics could have been treated in primary care if GPs have access to the knowledge they needed; patients avoid long waits outpatient clinic appointments and hospitals can use their consult time in clinics with the more needy patients; hundreds of millions of pounds of unnecessary spend could be avoided by patients getting the right care, sooner.

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Cost Effective

Kinesis A&G rapidly pays for itself in cost savings from avoided referral fees. Avoiding just ¼ of unnecessary referrals would save NHS England >£500M per year.

Clinically Effective

Ensures faster access to appropriate care for patients, improving their clinical outcomes. Appropriate care starts tomorrow or the day after, avoiding weeks of wait time for outpatient appointments. Patients are reassured, GPs treat with increased confidence.

End-to-end process

Six years of active development in a real-world setting, to ensure the entire advice and guidance process is seamless, very low effort, efficient and assured. Plus bespoke Tracker support service. The system tracks tickets with email / SMS integration and provides SLA monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

Better use of NHS resources

Reduces unnecessary load on critical NHS services, especially outpatient clinics and limited consultant sessions. Positive impacts on A&E.

Rapid adoption

Get started in 1 to 2 weeks with our help, full documentation and active training and support to accelerate adoption across the settings. Clinicians rapidly get in the habit of request advice and organisations hit their improvement and CQUIN targets.

Advanced features

Intelligent features for out of office, working hours, delegation, starters and leavers, group working and so much more places Kinesis A&G at the very forefront of next-generation NHS systems, designed for users and organisations.

Outstanding user experience

GPs and consultants rate Kinesis A&G at 4 or 5 stars for ease-of-use: designed for clinical work patterns, fast and easy-to-use, dynamic user alerting and escalation, plus the new ability to access remotely via mobile devices all lead to better adoption and earlier benefits.

Built-in reporting and management

Advanced reporting to drive up adoption, identify poor responders, enable billing and track usage. Kinesis A&G is the only advice and guidance system with full management capabilities for organisations who take referral avoidance seriously.

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No spam promise – only how Kinesis will help you + news

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Who we work with

Organisations already using Kinesis and benefiting

Dr Gul BanoDiabetes & Endocrinology, St Georges Hospital

Dr Chrystalla MacedoDermatologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Dr Morag LenmanGeneral Practitioner, Balham Park Surgery


Avoided Referrals

Million £ Direct Referral Savings


  • Provides confidence that their needs are being quickly assessed by experts.
  • Minimises waiting time for appointments and delays in treatment – reduced time to treatment.
  • More convenient locally based treatment where possible.
  • Can accelerate referral.
  • Saves the NHS money.

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Simon Hudson is an entrepreneur, health sector specialist and founder of Cloud2 and Kinata. He has an abiding, evangelical interest in information, knowledge management and has a lot to say on use of technology and the health sector.

Simon Hudson


Ben spent six years working within NHS commissioning teams, alongside clinicians. He has experience with training, resource management and analytics.


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